1What are your course prices?
Please contact us for up to date prices and in house specials we have available.
2Are there any scholarships or loans available?
For our local students, we are currently working closely with Fiji Higher Education Commission in getting scholarships and also an FNPF approved institution. As for our international students, you will have to organise your own funding before enrolling with the school.
3What are the advantages does PFS have?
We are the longest running flying school in Fiji and have graduates currently flying for major airlines such as Cathay Pacific, Emirates, Singapore Airlines, Oman Air and also the main supplier of pilots for our Regional airlines including local airlines. We are the only training institution in Fiji that owns a Hangar facility where you will have access to spacious air conditioned classrooms, large engineering facility which not only provides prompt, safe and efficient in-house maintenance of our fleet but also valuable insight to maintenance. The only training institution that is registered with Fiji Higher Education.
4What are the pre-requisites for course entry?
A pass in Form 6 level-compulsory subjects are English and Mathematics. Students with Physics background would be an added advantage. – Students must be capable of passing the Commercial pilot medical examination. – Students must have reached their 17th birthday by the first flight test day for Private Pilot Licence and their 18th birthday by flight test day for the Commercial Pilot Licence.
5Is the Fiji Licence recognised overseas?
Yes, your Licence will be recognised by any International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) contracting state as Civil Aviation Authority of Fiji (CAAF), a member of ICAO issues the licence. In some countries, you may need to pass Air Law, pass a local pilot medical check and a flight test.
6If I hold a foreign licence, how can I convert to a Fiji Licence?
– pass Fiji Air Law (VFR & IFR) depending on the type of licence the holder wants to convert. – the applicant shall present foreign licence to CAAF for validation which will valid for 28 days if the issuing Authority validates the foreign licence. – A flight with an instructor will be arranged . Depending on the performance of the student if the instructor feels that the student is ready for flight test, a request for a conversion of foreign licence will be sent to the Authority. Should take a total of approx. 6 hours flight time.
7I have done some flying hours, will this affect my training?
Any previous flying hours will be taken into account. This will be assessed by an Instructor and possibly a reduction in your course fees depending on your performance.
8Do you guarantee employment upon completion of training?
No, we cannot guarantee you employment however we do help prepare our students get employment. With the training provided, your ability to convert learned skills into employment is up to you. Demand for well trained and qualified pilots worldwide remains very high. Our graduates hold flying positions in many parts of the world including our very own international airline and domestic airlines.