Flight Instructor Rating

Being in a position to teach and train other aviation enthusiasts, certainly brings considerable satisfaction to any pilot, while at the same time it will enhance his/her own abilities and experience.

In order to start the Course, the following pre-requisite must be met;
– shall hold a valid CPL (A)
– student must have not less than 100 hours Pilot in Command of aeroplanes, of which not less than 30 hours must be on single engine aeroplanes.
– student must have not less than 10 hours Pilot in Command of the aircraft type in which the flight test is to be conducted in.

The Course
Ground Training
Instructor rating ground-training course as outlined in section 2 is based on CAAF SD-FCL which stipulates not less than 50 hours technical training by an approved instructor.

Flight Training
Assistant flight instructor rating flight training course of 40 hours is designed to train the applicant to give instruction on single engine aeroplanes.
The Assistant Flight Instructor rating course must include not less than 40 hours flight time consisting of:
Not less than 30 hours dual instruction with an approved Flight Instructor; and after each trainee instructor has received dual instruction with an approved flight instructor in the sequences to be practiced- the remaining hours in mutual practice with another trainee instructor or dual instruction or mutual practice with an Assistant Flight Instructor or Flight Instructor.
Approved Flight Instructor means a Flight Instructor with not less than 250 hours flight instructional time in an aeroplane.

Course Duration
Course Duration: 8-12 Weeks on a full time basis but can be stretched over a longer period of time.
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