Private Pilots Licence

The privileges of the holder of PPL (A) are to act without remuneration as Pilot in Command or Co-Pilot of any aeroplanes engaged in non commercial operations.

Pre-entry Requirements
• The minimum age to obtain the PPL(A) is 17 years old. The maximum age limit will depend on the applicants aviation medical check.
• The minimum age for the First Solo flight is 16 years old.
• Theoretical and flight training is conducted in the English Language.

The Course
The course includes practical and theoretical training conducted on one on one basis.
Theoretical Knoweledge
The theory is conducted in our new bright, spacious and air conditioned classrooms in our Hangar. The subjects are presented in a combination of lectures and computer based exams. The subjects covered are as follows.

Basic Aeronautical Knowledge (BAK)
This course is a requirement for students who wish to do our 150 hours syllabus for CPL course (student will have to obtain their CPL within a period of 36 months, otherwise the 200 hourssyllabus applies). This written exam is sat at the school.

Private Pilot Theory Examination (PPL)
1. Aeroplane Operation
2. Performance and Planning
3. Meteorology
4. Aeroplane General Knowledge
5. Navigation
The PPL examination is sat at the Civil Aviation Authority of Fiji Islands (CAAF). Subject matter from the BAK section of the course is also examinable again at this time.

Fiji Air Law
Class will be conducted by our Theory Instructor before sitting for exam at CAAF.

Flight Radio Telephone Operators (FRTO) Theory
Students are required to do an independent study before sitting for the exam. This is an in-house exam.

Flight Training
A candidate must have a minimum of 40 hours flight time prior to being recommended for a flight test. However, if long caps occur during your training, additional revision training may be required. Our flight tests are conducted by an Approved Flight Testing Officer from the Civil Aviation Authority of Fiji (CAAF). Licenses are also issued by CAAF.

Course Duration
We at PFS know that you will need to work hard to obtain your PPL (A).
Majority of our regional students who come to Fiji to do their training have limited time to complete the course. The complete PPL (A) course can be completed in as little as 90 days. However this requires a full time commitment and a lot of preparation in the theory subjects. Realistically this can be completed in 9 weeks. However, we at Pacific Flying School can tailor the syllabus to suit your personal needs and you might consider taking your training on a part-time basis, i.e. weekly, monthly or as often as time and budget allows.
Should you require any further information related to this course, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Other Information
Accommodation can be arranged through our homestay providers at very low prices. You can experience first hand Fijian warmth and hospitality. For our local students, we can help in looking for suitable accommodation if needed.
A professionally trained commercial pilot should feel comfortable in all flying conditions. Whether operating from mountain grass strips or from major international airports, the well-trained pilot will fly safely, efficiently and with confidence.
Pacific Flying School is based at the Nadi International Airport where the training environment is as diverse as any used in the world.