Why study in Fiji?

The Pacific Flying School is located at Nadi International Airport situated among the beautiful Fiji Islands, which provides an unparalleled training environment for career pilots.

This location has proved ideal with excellent weather which prevails throughout the majority of the year enabling us to carry out uninterrupted flight training for most of the year.

Nadi Airport is Fiji’s main International/General Aviation Airport. It offers the following:

  • Long, well maintained runways with the lighting for night training
  • Close proximity to a full variety of navigation and approach aids
  • A large training adjacent to the airport
  • Fully manned Control Tower (24 hours)
  • Provides an opportunity for students to train in an airline environment and exposed to international airlines

The Fiji Islands is located in the South Pacific, consists of 333 islands and host to a population close to one million people. With a temperate climate and world class resorts is a popular destination from visitors from all over the world. In fact Tourism is Fiji’s main foreign exchange earner supported a vibrant aviation sector bringing in more than 600,000 visitors per annum.

The Fiji Islands is host to Nadi International Airport which is the largest facility in the region. This facility is the gateway to the South Pacific from markets such as South East Asia, Japan, Korea, North America, Europe, New Zealand and Australia. Nadi International Airport is home to the Pacific Flying School and our students enjoy full access to World class facilities and Civil Aviation Authority certified training environment.

The Fiji Islands is a tropical country with warm weather all year round. The local currency is the Fiji Dollar. English is the main spoken language.