Multi-Engine Type Rating/MECIR

Multi-Engine Type Rating/Command Instrument Rating (MECIR)


Pre-entry Requirements
Before commencing the ME Type Rating/ME-CIR course at PFS, a pilot shall:
• Hold a valid PPL or CPL
• Pass Instrument Rating Theory (IREX) for MECIR

Theoretical Knowlege
The course includes a minimum of 7 hours of theoretical knowledge instruction in the form of long briefings, integrated with the flight training and delivered by the flight instructor.

Flight Training
Minimum of 5 hours of dual flight instruction before Type Rating flight test with an Approved Testing Officer.

Before you begin your training for Command Instrument Rating (CIR), you must pass the Instrument Rating Theory Exam (IREX). The theory examination requires a minimum grade of 70% (corrected for 100%). A minimum 5 hours of instrument flying is also required before flight test with an Approved Testing Officer.

The flight test lasts for about 3 hours and covers everything in the syllabus. After you have successfully completed the CIR flight test you will be able to fly with passengers in instrument meteorological conditions – that is, in cloud.